De Antoine Reed Diffuser Absolute Amber 150ml


Absolute Amber The essence of sensual. Daring sensuality amber, encapsulated in scent. Ruby-rich juices of red fruits, spiked with honey and laced with the most exquisite roses. Warmed by the finest quality of cistus and patchouli. Modern and luxurious design. Our reed diffuser will create the perfect aromatic experience and mood at your living space. Modern and luxurious, De Antoine’s reed diffusers are significant in its moody scents, high-quality formulas crafted by experienced perfumer in France, and exceptionally beautiful packaging. They are safe, easy to use and creates an inviting atmosphere wherever one is lit. De Antoine’s fiber sticks are specially designed to avoid clogging and uneven evaporations. It’s recommended to use 8 of our sticks and only using the sticks provided by us. Merci, De Antoine