De Antoine Extrait De Parfum Clair de Lune 100ml


De Antoine’s Perfume Collection Clair de Lune means moonlight in French (it is also an incredibly beautiful piano piece by impressionist French composer Claude Debussy) Scent description: This scent is best described as airy, fresh clean laundry that mingles with a gentle blend of bouquet of flowers — roses, violet, peonies and sandalwood. Classic and elegant rendering of the concept of “clean”, it balances the brisk, fresh elements with soft, sensual ones. Pure and beautiful just like the moonlight. Narrative & personality: Made for someone who is pure and simple in structure but also raw and extreme in character. The smell paints a picture of a sophisticated woman dressed in a monochromatic palette walking down the street in Paris. Top notes: Pink Pepper, Rose, Oceanic Middle notes: Violet, Peony Dry-down notes: Musk, Sandalwood Longevity perfume : 7+ Hours